• Kamar Suite

    Pilihan Kamar Suite terbaik Hotel di Tulungagung di Hotel Istana dengan fasilitas lengkap dan kamar yang nyaman

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    Kamar Superior Hotel Istana Tulungagung

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Kamar Suite

Kamar Suite Hotel Istana Tulungagung

Istana Suite and it’s multifunctioning suite room is the most perfect place for you spend your rest time, it gives you a large luxurious space for any kind of your activities either formal or informal. So, make yourself as a prince and princess, even be a famous star like our slogan experience be star…

Immerse yourself in elegance and relax as we provide you with first-class services. Our Istana  Suite is spacious and lavishly furnished, a room fit for a true royal. Istana Suite gives you comfortable condition with its multifunction especially for meeting room. Istana Suite have complete facilities that can meet your needs. You will receive a service like a Prince and Princess by choosing this Istana Suite Room. 


Room Showcase

suite room hotel istana

Make A Great Day In Your All Day With Us, Hotel Istana…

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